Velkommen fremtidens spirituelle ledere

Her bliver du permanent løftet op i renere højere bevidstheds frekvens (dimension) så du bliver URØRLIG i dit virke idet du kobles på det Guddommelige indadtil, frem for at søge det udadtil.

Samtidig lærer du HURTIGT at mestre den indre balance og passe på det mest dyrbare du har, nemlig din egen personlige energi.


Dharma – Livsformål- Åndsdual

Jeg hjælper også dig (jer) der i forvejen har succes i alle områder af livet – med at opleve dyb og inderlig kærlighedsmæssig forening til din åndsdual/livspartner, ved at frigøre dig/jer fra jeres individuelle og fælles karmiske sjæle-lektier.


Kærligheds-alkymist, Intuitive Business Mentor samt Krops og Adfærds Forandrings Ekspert

Joulie Sofi Jennefer Philloe

Dine muligheder

I've used Joulie as my mentor many times because she's the Master of the Masters. It's truly hard for me to find the proper quality (intuitive in depth) expertise anywhere else, especially because I am a Intuitive Master myself. Again and again Joulie has been my catalysator for further personal growth. She has this incredible gift where she intuitively attunes to what you're not capable of seeing or comprehending yourself. When Joulie becomes your mentor you have to be ready for the transformation process that is being initiated - because there's no way back to mediocrity in any form or and/or meaningless connections or relationships. Joulie hereby receives my biggest recommendation.

Love coach

My range is gigantic as a Lovealchemist, Intuitive  Business Mentor & Body Behavioral Transformation Expert. I’ve been the holistic therapist for the therapists, master of the masters and a holistic therapist myself for 15 years.

I’ve done the inner work in self isolation every single day for 12 years since I left the Danish Army in 2005 because I had PTSD back then. I was deeply traumatized, had chronic pain, arthritis, 2 eating disorders -plus I was extremely sensitive. Yet I was not just sensitive, but born a deep high frequent psychic with intuitive abilities that were all over the place because I so traumatised because I survived a pretty rough childhood.

With my intuition I’m able to see, feel and hear your parents and those before them and connect with their past and current life lessons and karma. While also being able to see the same for you and release your pain physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your partner, children, business partners, past or current partners – I can see, feel and hear every word, feeling or undealt issue within you and between you all. While being able to energetically clear away any old energy clutter, pain, doubt, fear etc that prevents you all from being harmoniously connected to not just your self but one another.