On stage, speaking.

Danish speaker
As a intuitive mentor and body and behavioural transformation expert I’m capable of connecting the dots between your past and your current mental, emotionally and physically challenges or difficulties.

Speeches, seminars, and webinars

My greatest joy in life is to inspire and teach others about what they still have to know. We all have blind angles and with my intuition, I’m capable of seeing these within a very few seconds.

I really really enjoy and love speaking, teaching and serving people. There is quite a lot areas that I am very familiar with and love to talk about:

  • I’m an body and behavioural transformation expert and loves to talk about the connection between a demanding, stressful or even traumatic childhood and our current physical, mentally and emotionally challenges. For example chronic pain, being burned out, autoimmune diseases, stress, post traumatic stress, cancer etc.
  • I’m an expert in permanently self-sabotage removal. I love to talk about why we self-sabotage our self and how to change this easily, without seeing processional expensive help.
  • I’m an expert in dealing with being very sensitive and mindfulness.
  • Men and women. Love, relationships and singles. I’ve studied this fascinating topic (what is feminine and masculine behaviour) since 2015 in order to let completely go of my post traumatic stress. Since my first years as a holistic therapist I’ve helped and coached thousands of women and even visited families, in order to help them feel more free, happy and content with them self and in their marriage and family life.
  • I sense/see every relationship/friendship you have ever had or have been in, and I can heal, clear and balance everything that is and was out of balance.
  • How to deal with and live with being very very sensitive as a person.
  • As being born a psychic/clairvoyant and a medium I’m capable of seeing, sensing and helping my clients and participants at speaker events, at many levels. For instance “The challenging work circumstances that you might experience, is also related to how you are around your self, when you’re completely alone. Quitting your job won’t help, because the “problem” that needs to be resolved is the unresolved issues you have with your self and your past”.
  • With my “x-ray vision” I sense/pick up on your previous life’s, your physical and mentally well-being, your organs, your health, what you eat and shouldn’t. Everything out of balance I can heal and bring into balance again.
  • Blind spots: I pick up on intuitively -why things are happening in your life at all areas. It always has to do with your previous life’s -which I can see/sense intuitively.

    For example, when I have a client and are permanently removing a self-destructive behavioral pattern (shame, guilt, fear, jalousy, insecurity ect) this inner theme that was out of balance, -was also a blind angle.

    The blind angle would cause this person to have a hard time around for example one of their kids, with their partner or work colleagues.

    Now that this specific self destructive theme is gone, every blind angle that caused many arguments, compromises, fears, anger or blame around other people, will permanently be gone when it comes to children, family, friends, career, money etc. etc!

    And therefore every relationship with your kids, your partner, with your family will be improved significantly and a more harmonious presence between your all, will emerge.

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