My English WHY

I grew up without any love while being completely disconected to my body and heart because of trauma caused by severe physical and mentally abuse.

Therefore – the reason for what I do what I do;


We need to love our self first from deep within before being able to love anyone else unconditionally.
Lack of love is the cause of all suffering – also within the body that has become ill.

In the past I was the angry warrior and my own worst critic that was filled up with many inner self doubt “life restrictions” of shame, anger, helplessness, resentment, anger, hatred, jealousy, guilt etc

-Why also feeling deeply wrong, wronged, inadequate, insecure, doubtful, lost etc.

I did not trust my self, life nor anyone else. 

Life was one big struggle and me against “them”.


I’ve freed myself and +6.000 clients of all the many inner life-restrictions, fear, inadequacy etc since 2006 by developing my own spiritual tools as a Karmiic Liberator and body behavioral transformation expert.


What I did was freeing my self from my own soul-lessons (from past lifes) then my parents and now I’ve reached another level called “Karmic Clearing of Old Karmic Imprints”.

I’ve been the holistic therapist for the therapists, master of the masters and a expert therapist within the holistic industry the past 16 years and have done the deep inner work of self isolation for many years since I left the Danish Army in 2005 after 10 years.

Because when I ended my contract with the army I had PTSD back then and were a mess!
(I have also been a part of the reserve until March 2022).

I took my own medicine every day and still does on a weekly basis:

doing the inner work! 

In the past I was deeply traumatized, had chronic pain, arthritis, 2 eating disorders and did’nt want to live after I left the Danish Army back in 2005 after wearing the uniform for almost 10 years.

I was also burned out and a complete mess. I was filled with self hatred, shame, guilt and did’nt want to live because I grew up in a violent abusive home where I was’nt welcomed, loved, accepted or supported.

I was born with the psychic abilities I have today. They are truly beoynd this life. I can smell the fire before it barely starts, pick up on your illnesses before it turns into something serious and knows when someone are ill, have fractured bones without them knowing it and can easily bring everything and everything bak into harmony.

With my intuition I’m able to see, feel and hear your parents and those before them and connect with their past and current life lessons and karma. While also being able to see the same for you and release your karmic lessons, physically, emotionally and spiritually pain etc. 

No I can not cure cancer (but knows the reasong for it entering your body) but I work with other truly skilled collegues who’s radiofrequency treatment works great together with for example chemo therapy that increases the survival rate a lot.

Where many people think that cancer and other diseases are heriditary, however, this is not true. Google Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics and find out how we our self are responsible for ilness that we with our inner (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) enviroment creates without knowing it.

I’ve had many cancer clients that has recovered completely from cancer.

Where there is will-power there is always a way.

The ego won’t be able to see this so you have to center your self within your heart first.


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