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A perfect balance between the feminine dancer and the masculine warrior. Between the feminine and masculine, the earth, water, air and fire element. The materialistic world and the spiritual high frequency realms.  This is me, Joulie a Intuitive Mentor, Body Behavioral Transformation Expert who guides men to take the journey from the head into their heart. Which increases your chances in luck which equals more sex and intimacy.


Joulie Johansen is a Danish high performance mentor and behavioral transformation expert who focuses on Harmonious Masculinity for Aware Leaders.

Over the past fifteen years, she has helped +6.000 therapists, psychologists, coaches and aware spiritual leaders upgrade their practices with deep transformational therapy work sessions.

A Lance Corporal in the Danish Army (reserve),

Joulie brings years of martial arts experience to her work with clients looking to take themselves and their relationship, business or leader role effortlessly to the next level.

Her main focus is to help her clients have more fun and feel more energized doing what they do, with the use of body work and spiritual tools.

Joulie  has coached and trained 10.000 people around the world online and her youtube channel has had +220,000 views.

A survivor of childhood trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, neglect and abuse,

Joulie traded her self-destructive toxic masculine behaviour for a positive growth mindset, that’s deeply rooted within her whole being.

Now focused on sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and appreciative  mindset,

Joulie loves to travel and support her friends from her base in Denmark.

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